Electrical & Plumbing Security

Electrical and Plumbing Services

Superb quality electrical and plumbing services provider, FIRST CHOICE FACILITY SERVICES offers you all kinds of electrical and plumbing services for houses, corporate offices, apartments and work places. Our services are available at competitive prices and delivered within the expected timeline by customers. Quality services and timely delivery have gained us numerous clients, who always choose us on priority basis as compared to other service providers in the market.

Wide Range of Services

We provide a wide range of electrical and plumbing services that includes maintenance of power panels; maintenance of light fixtures and power points; detection and rectification of any abnormalities in the smooth functioning and electrical fitting; water management like continuous checking of water pressure, meter reading, operational costs, inflow/outflow center; maintenance of W.C, flush tanks, various valves, etc; detection and rectification of any leakage in plumbing line, and many more.