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Fire Fighting

We provide training in basic fire fighting to our Security Guards

Physical skills Training

We provide physical training to our security professionals to overcome any kind of physical threats. The physical training includes drill, physical conditioning & unarmed combat.

Professional Skills Training

We professional training to its security personnel to effectively handle any kind of emergency including personal protection, security patrolling, industrial unrest, liason with police and filing of FIR, record keeping of men, materials and vehicles.

People Skills Training

we provide People skills training to its security personnel to effectively handle all aspects of industrial relations with government departments, customer care, first aid etc.

Positive Attitude

FIRST CHOICE FACILITY SERVICES holds many sessions to develop a positive attitude in its security personnel to cope with difficult real-life situations without bitterness or any negativity.


FIRST CHOICE FACILITY SERVICES We invest in continuous staff training to all security personnel before being placed on assignment which includes.